With a light, mild taste and crispy texture, lemon cucumbers are best eaten on their own or sliced in a salad. Additionally, some varieties of cucumber have smaller vines and produce smaller fruit as a rule. If you’d like to include a few miniature cucumber plants in your garden, here are some of the cultivars I recommend. You can also hollow these cucumbers and use them as cups for iced tea or a small bowl for gazpacho or salsa. Harvest Time: 50-55 days. Grows in a small, high yielding vine. Varieties It offers a great taste when eaten raw. The familiar dark green slicing and hothouse cucumbers are available year round, as are Armenian and Japanese cucumbers. Other specialty cucumbers tend to be more seasonal. Great for slicing and salads, both. === = Recycling Luffa Item Name Small Cucumber Item Rank 4 Effects Heals +30HP, 0SP Others Description Vegetables & Fruits. One of the best-known pickling cucumbers is the small, bumpy-skinned gherkin. The skin of this cucumber is thin, the color may vary from pale green to … Raider. This is a list of varieties or cultivars of cucumber, a widely cultivated vine in the gourd family, Cucurbitaceae.The cucumber vine bears edible fruit. Mini-cucumbers are typically cucumbers that are harvested early, when the fruit is small. They are usually quite tender, and can be consumed with or without the skin. All the varieties tend to be smaller and squatter than the typical slicing cucumber. Three Favorite Miniature Cucumber Varieties. It actually belongs to the melon family, but is also considered as a cucumber variety. 5. This glossy skinned cucumber is apt for cold northern regions. It is long and snake-like, hence the name―snake cucumber. 6. Do hamsters like cucumber? Harvest Time: 60-65 days. Picolino: This sweet little cuke starts producing just 45-50 days after planting the seeds. Watermelon gherkin cucumbers are not shaped similarly to regular cucumbers but instead are small and oblong, usually around one and a quarter inches in diameter. Yes, they have the ability to eat small portions of cucumber. It got its name because the first sea cucumber was green so it got its name by its simalurlaraty to a cucumber. It offers a crisp and sweet flavor with no bitter taste. All produce small-sized fruits on beautiful, lush vines. Because of their size and lime-green color with hints of dark green, they resemble small watermelons, hence their name. Like the name suggests, these cucumbers resemble a lemon; rounded with thin, marbled yellow skin. The classification of Armenian cucumber is ambiguous. Sweet Success.
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