Gretchen Reydams-Schils is Professor in the Program of Liberal Studies at the University of Notre Dame. 2,449 ratings — published -380, avg rating 3.83 — Error rating book. published -399, avg rating 3.98 — He even strives to bust out of old patterns of talking, and tosses up for himself a wild new language.”, “It is impossible, or not easy, to alter by argument what has long been absorbed by habit”, avg rating 3.94 — 3,678 ratings — This is one of Machiavelli’s most lasting influences upon modernity. This makes sense given it’s etymological origins: philo – a Greek term for love, and –sophia, a term that has had many variations in meaning through history, but always essentially denoted an aspect of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. published -360, avg rating 4.43 — Refresh and try again. published 1982, avg rating 3.97 — published -360, avg rating 3.58 — It begins with a meditation on suicide; the question of living or not living in a universe devoid of order or meaning. Philosophy Books; Product type. Read online or download Philosophy eBooks for free. One needs to read the books and thinkers in order — that’s one common conception. Reading the best philosophy books gives us the opportunity to look into those hidden depths and understand our own thinking and behavior at a deeper level, helping us eliminate behavior we don’t like. 1848 A System Natural Philosophy By J. L. Comstock Published By Pratt Woodford and Co. New York , Antique Leather Bound Philosophy Book. Following the death of Socrates he traveled widely in search of learning. 908 ratings — I’ve put together this as a guide to some of the best philosophy books. Plato wrote extensively and most of his writings survived. Napoleon read it. 2,262 ratings — Historical philosophical texts European and Islamic philosophy Ancient philosophy. This mammoth work by Bertrand Russell covers the most important philosophical theories in the Western world, starting from the Greek Ancients up until early 20 th Century philosophers. Necessarily entrenched and influenced by the Greeks, it nevertheless presents a unique philosophical thought beholden to Islam, yet also touching on a huge variety of schools of thought (and even a nascent form of existentialist thought). Some of Plato’s other influences were Pythagoras, Anaxagoras, and Parmenides. Depressing at first, like a lot of existential writing it has light at the end of the tunnel. From Diogenes until the last ‘dogs’ of the ancient world, the Cynics defined themselves first by ‘snarling’ at the institutions, rituals, beliefs and assumptions by which their contemporaries lived. “Plato, the greatest philosopher of ancient Greece, was born in Athens in 428 or 427 B.C.E. published -330, avg rating 4.20 — ... A History of Western Philosophy Bertrand Russell. One of the leading philosophers of the existential movement, Nietzsche’s ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ is one of his slightly more accessible. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Robert M. Pirsig. 9,660 ratings — Bear in mind that when you are reading philosophy what you are actually doing is trying to understand a piece of writing. Plato’s Republic is unparalleled in its coverage of all areas of life. Five Dialogues by Plato. The Little Gray Digger: A children's book about inclusion, self-confidence and friendship. published -400, avg rating 3.88 — Even after the intellectual revolutions of the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Enlightenment, Aristotelian concepts remained embedded in Western thinking. This influenced many later thinkers, particularly the Neoplatonists and the Gnostics, and is similar to views held by some schools of Hindu dualistic metaphysics”, Physics, Ethics, Poetics, Metaphysics, Categories, On Logic, On the Soul – Aristotle. published 2015, avg rating 3.97 — 0 people liked it, Five Dialogues: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo (Paperback), The First Philosophers: The Presocratics and Sophists (Paperback), The Trial and Death of Socrates (Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo (death scene only)), The Statesman (Texts in the History of Political Thought), The Complete Works: The Revised Oxford Translation, Vol. 42,739 ratings — Bertrand Russel’s ‘A History of Western Philosophy’ has held a position of reverence since it’s first publication in 1945. “Everything man is and does is modified by learning and is therefore malleable. published -335, avg rating 4.14 — A History of Western Philosophy – Bertrand Russell. 17,400 ratings — published -360, avg rating 4.43 — It is a way of learning how to think and essentially how to find meaning in existence. Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing these questions (such as mysticism or mythology) by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on reasoned argument. After twelve years he returned to Athens and founded his Academy, one of the earliest organized schools in western civilization. 5,587 ratings — published -55, avg rating 3.95 — published -322, avg rating 3.86 — 276 ratings — He breaks down the paradoxes of conventional understandings of morality, and in doing so sets the stage for much of the 20th century thought that would follow. It is composed of 13 chapters, each one describing a part of warfare, relating back to tactics, and immediate application. Philosophy is the study of general problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, truth, beauty, justice, validity, mind, and language. 1 (Hardcover), Discourses and Selected Writings (Paperback), The Epicurus Reader: Selected Writings and Testimonia (Paperback), Philosophy Before Socrates: An Introduction with Texts and Commentary. published -390, avg rating 3.95 — He attended Socrates’ trial and that traumatic experience may have led to his attempt to design an ideal society. 13,361 ratings — His works are in the form of dialogues, where several characters argue a topic by asking questions of each other. AiR-Atman in Ravi | Philosophy Rating: Rated: 0 times Format: PDF, ePub, Kindle, TXT. Old and Rare books (893) Price range. published -380, avg rating 3.96 — In his seemingly universal nay-saying, the Cynic avoids traditional clothes, jewellery and bodily adornments for his own ‘uniform’; he restricts his diet; does not live in a house; derides bathing, sports, the Games; scoffs at festivals, sacrifice, prayer and religious life generally; does not marry, dodges work and steers clear of the courts, assembly, army and other arenas of political participation. 172,501 ratings — Best Western Philosophy Books… 127,803 ratings — Read it, it is practical philosophy embodied. Written in the style of a journal of a six day course of meditation, he first discards all belief in things that are not absolutely certain, and then tries to establish what can be known for sure. Over twenty million copies in print – this novel follows 14-year old Norwegian girl Sophie Admundsen on a mystery of perplexing questions. 5 out of 5 stars. Read 3 600 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Before talking about this book, you need to know that Plato was the student of the great Athenian Philosopher, Socrates and the teacher of Greek Philosopher, Aristotle. published -385, avg rating 3.94 — 21,447 ratings — 2,305 ratings — The ancient Indian philosophy is a fusion of two ancient traditions: the Vedic tradition and the Sramana tradition. published -322, avg rating 3.94 — published -429, avg rating 4.28 — Reading ‘Meditations’, a defining work of stoicism, and it’s not hard to see why. While Plato addresses... 2. published 2000, avg rating 4.06 — As a philosophy, however, it also denoted the striving after an independent state of mind and body, imperturbability, and reliance on sensory data as the true basis of knowledge. published -347, avg rating 3.98 — published 125, avg rating 4.24 — Stoicism has seen an enthusiastic revival in recent years, especially in entrepreneurial circles. Here is the list of top philosophy books written by the top philosophers of the world. Tim Robberts / Getty Images. Philosophy was born out of reflection and conjecture. Audible Audiobook. published -380, avg rating 3.96 — Philosophy and Metaphysics. published 1994, avg rating 4.23 — The Art of War Sun Tzu. published -322, avg rating 3.92 — It teaches peace, harmony and balance; ultimately describing a complete and fulfilling art of living that guides millions to this day. The Dialogues (Gorgias, Meno, Theatetus, Sophist, Symposium, Phaedrus, Timaeus, The Republic) – Plato. Hardcover. It focused not solely on symptoms and treatment, but on finding root causes of illness and disease through humoral diagnosis— it shows how Avicenna’s understanding of the humors corresponds directly with the modern understanding of the functions of of proteins, lipids, and organic acids. Sale Price $15.30. The Best Philosophy Books. You cannot read this book and not come away with a phrase or a line that will helpful to you next time you are in trouble. Aristotle, like Plato, was one of the greatest intellectual figures of Western history. The most famous exposition of this is his metaphor of the Cave, where people living in a cave are only able to see flickering shadows projected on the wall of the external reality. We made holiday shopping easy: browse by interest, category, price or age in our bookseller curated gift guide. Letters from a Stoic by Seneca. Discover the simple habits that help me read over 60 books a year, with my free five-part email masterclass on reading more books and learning. 790 ratings — Each chapter is centered around a certain theory or philosophy. Camus ultimately reaffirms the value of  existence, and the possibility of a  life of dignity, creativity and authenticity. 619 ratings — One of the most influential books ever written, The Art of War has applications in business, the military and any situation involving strategy or people. The Tibetan Book of the Dead: Liberation Through Understanding in the Between Robert Thurman - translator. published -386, avg rating 3.81 — 11,342 ratings — Set to a backdrop of America’s Northwest, it follows a father and young son on a cross country motorcycle trip. Meditations on First Philosophy is made up of six meditations. Machiavelli emphasized the need for realism, as opposed to idealism. 100 Diamond Quotes is a unique book. Philosophy Books: 10 Best Philosophy Books Of All Time 1. published 1994, avg rating 4.08 — published -380, avg rating 4.05 — 587 ratings — to an aristocratic family. published 200, avg rating 3.95 — (Paperback), The Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness and Effectiveness (Paperback), Aristotle: A Very Short Introduction (Paperback), The Ancient Philosophy Behind Moral Injury. Explore thousands of old and rare books, including illuminated manuscripts, fine press editions, illustrated books, incunabula, limited editions and miniature books. Vintage Book by Arthur C. Danto. It’s useful to start by considering common anxieties or preoccupations that many seem to have. Wide ranging, he explains in part how man is obsessed by the idea of “completion”, what Sartre calls literally “a being that causes itself”, which many religions and philosophers identify as God. Meditations on First Philosophy – René Descartes. 334,406 ratings — 2,434 ratings — 366 ratings — published 250, avg rating 4.09 — He published his massive volume ‘essais‘, which went on to popularize and reinforce the essay as a literary genre. published -399, avg rating 4.04 — Machiavelli-The Prince Hobbes-Leviathan Limited Edition The Franklin Press 1983 Softcover Philosophy Book. 4.6 out of 5 stars 91. The first of these can be summed up in the question: “Which book or books should I read first?” What is often lurking behind this question is a concern about “getting it right” when it comes to studying philosophy. This is remarkably different from other forms of reading, like — say — going through a newspaper page to collect information or reading a novel to enjoy a good story.. His writings  continue to be studied, and his work remains a powerful stature. $0.00 Free with Audible trial #25. He holds that our primary drive in life is not pleasure, as Freud maintained, but the discovery and pursuit of what we personally find meaningful. This form allows Plato to raise various points of view and let the reader decide which is valid. With a slightly misleading title, this book asks big questions about the way we live our lives. Free eBooks - Philosophy. published -600, avg rating 3.94 — The Philosophy Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained by DK (Author, February 21, 2017) Philosophy Made Simple (Heinemann London Books, 1981) Philosophy for Beginners by Richard Osborne (Writers and Readers Publishing, 1992) 31,771 ratings — 33,113 ratings — Platonic Ethics Old and New by Julia Annas, Greek Thought, Classical Philology, Moral & Ethical Themes, 2000 Vintage Book. Plato. 17,976 ratings — 627 ratings — In this post, you’ll find 15 of the best philosophy books to start with, along with the concepts each one covers. Read some definitive books on one or more of the best names in philosophy, such as Socrates and Plato, Thomas Aquinas, Blaise Pascal, John Locke (how did he influence the development of modern democracy? A History of Western Philosophy – Bertrand Russell. 559 ratings — 2,149 ratings — Biblio offers unique, rare and antiquarian books from the finest book dealers in the world. 36,819 ratings — Kant brings together two of history’s biggest opposing schools of thought – rational thought, and empirical, experiential knowledge. Bertrand Russel’s ‘A History of ... Top 3 Philosophy Books: Most Immediately Helpful and Applicable. Insert details about how the information is going to be processed, Entrepreneurship the Safest 21st Century Career, Surround yourself with a community that will foster success, Weekly Review to Enable Doing Your Best Work, Leverage Systems to Be 10x More Effective, Discover Frameworks that Yield Disproportionately Large Results, sell 5000 Books in Four Weeks As a First Time Author, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, The Dialogues (Gorgias, Meno, Theatetus, Sophist, Symposium, Phaedrus, Timaeus, The Republic), Physics, Ethics, Poetics, Metaphysics, Categories, On Logic, On the Soul, The Transcendent Philosophy of the Four Journeys of the Intellect. Epicurus  did not stand for eating too much or too much sex, but for loving life and preserving that love with the smaller delights to be found daily. updated Mar 23, 2014 08:05AM — Browse through our eBooks while discovering great authors and exciting books. In the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle’s guiding question is: what is the best thing… By studying the best philosophy books we can try to understand the ways that cultures before us created and understood meaning in their lives. Philosophy … Being and Nothingness is considered Sartre’s most important philosophical work. published -400, avg rating 3.66 — In his treatise, he attempts to use the same scientific method of reasoning in order to inquire into human psychology – namely to glimpse the depth of our understanding and potential. 583 ratings — published -369, avg rating 4.34 — published -400, avg rating 3.83 — The Communist Manifesto Karl Marx. published -350, avg rating 4.36 — His educated his students to create ethically cultivated men who would carry themselves well, speak well, and demonstrate integrity in everything they did. 2,734 ratings — DK's The Philosophy Book will show that philosophy doesn't have to be a daunting subject. It is worth its weight in gold. – The Dawn – The Death of Bunny Munro – The Death of Postmodernism and Beyond – The Death of Virgil – The Death of Vishnu – The Decadence of Industrial Democracies – The Description of the Human Body – The Development of Capitalism in Russia – The Development of Metaphysics in Persia – The Devil and the Good Lord – The Dictionary of Fashionable Nonsense – The Difference Between Fichte's … A Guide to the Elements. The Republic by Plato. Her books include The Roman Stoics: Self, Responsibility, and Affection "For newbies to Japanese philosophy, Japanese Philosophy: A Sourcebook offers great selections from fourteen centuries of thinkers, fields, and schools. Philosophy Books. Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote meditations during his experiences administrating the Roman Empire and during his life as a warrior. 2,490 ratings — LoveDoveTrading. Montaigne was a French Rennaisance philosopher noted for his merging of casual anecdotes with intellectual insight. The Tao Te Ching is the foundation of Taoism, and has been the bedrock of Chinese thought and much of it’s spirituality for thousands of years. 828 ratings — Pirsig discusses the ideas of rhetoric, quality, the scientific method, technology and many ideas of the Greeks in the search of a unifying truth. published 64, avg rating 4.09 — published -340, avg rating 4.04 — A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell. (3,094) 3,094 reviews. The first of the history of philosophy books you’ve chosen is by Pierre Hadot, published as Le voile d’Isis.He’s been quite famous as a thinker who emphasised the practical consequence of philosophy—not just the theoretical understanding of the world, but how it changes individuals’ lives. Here you can find free books in the category: Philosophy. First of all, a bit of context. The Analects has been one of the most widely read and studied books in China for the last 2,000 years, and has massive influence over Chinese thought to this today. This is one of the best philosophy books in the history of medical practice, and forms the foundation of our current understanding of human health and disease. In Being and Nothingness, Sartre writes with some debts to Heidegger, to demonstrate the existence of free will. First you need to read Plato, and only after that study his student, Aristotle. (Construction Book for Boys & Girls) Sonica Ellis. The ways we think and behave are heavily influenced by the culture we are born into. Want more? 9,955 ratings — These 10 philosophy books all take on the questions of existence in a unique and varied manner. $15.00 - $19.99 (204) $20.00 - $24.99 (296) $25.00 - $29.99 (182) 6,641 ratings — 2,196 ratings — Save 15% when your order 2 or more Old & Rare Books or Vinyl (Offer applied automatically at checkout) Browse our range of philosophy books: 893 Philosophy Books. published -500, 1 chapters — 2,259 ratings — The hidden controls are usually experienced as though they were innate simply because they are not only ubiquitous but habitual as well.” – Edward T. Hall. From shop LoveDoveTrading. $16.00 #30. Philosophy Books For Beginners. Browse the full archives below, “To teach how to live without certainty, and yet without being paralyzed by hesitation, is perhaps the chief thing that philosophy, in our age, can still do for those who study it.” – Bertrand Russell. published -500, avg rating 4.05 — of 13. Philosophy can reveal to us the reasons behind the ways we act, and in doing so help us to gain understanding our inner selves and how we relate to our world around us. Philosophy Books / Home / Sort by: Page. Some of the greatest thinkers in world history have lived within the field of philosophy. Highly practical for everyday life. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. published -350, avg rating 3.69 — One of the most important existential works, and works of this century in general, The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays lays out Camus’ ‘Absurdism’. The ‘Hikmat Al Muta’alyah fi-l-asfar al-‘aqliyya al-arba‘a’ is an encyclopedic work that chronicles many of the important issues discussed in Islamic philosophy. Enter your email below to get started! published -350, avg rating 3.99 — Epicureanism is commonly regarded as the refined satisfaction of physical desires. 4.7 out of 5 stars 691. I’ve included some of the classic works by the big names that you should know, while also including some lesser known introductions and guides that I think are particularly good. published 1957, avg rating 4.24 — 4,842 ratings — Philosophy Books; Product type. 4,991 ratings — 4.6 out of 5 stars 234. Seneca, like Marcus, was also a powerful man in Rome. One of the most influential philosophical texts ever written, it is widely read to this day. His influence as a philosopher was wide, and has includes many of his contemporaries, many of them appearing also on this list. Deeply entrenched and revealing of the Western philosophy canon, this is a great introduction to enjoyably explore some of the biggest questions asked as the basis of philosophy over the course of Western history. He studied under Socrates, who appears as a character in many of his dialogues. Old and Rare books (887) Price range. He outlines a timeless philosophy of commitment to virtue above pleasure, tranquility above happiness, and perhaps most importantly, a search for inner peace in the face of an endlessly changing and chaotic world. Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle. As did General MacArthur, Mao Tse-tung, and Tony Soprano. published -340, avg rating 4.07 — The Myth Of Sisyphus and Other Essays – Albert Camus. 4,511 ratings — Best Philosophy Books for Beginners: Introductory and Surveys. It is foundational to the development of Chinese and East Asian moral systems. published -390, avg rating 4.17 — 1,899 ratings — The Republic book. It is imminently readable and perfectly accessible. Philosophy. The Prince is sometimes claimed to be one of the first works of modern philosophy, especially modern political philosophy, in which the effective truth is taken to be more important than any abstract ideal. But once learned, these behavior patterns, these habitual responses, these ways of interacting gradually sink below the surface of the mind and, like the admiral of a submerged submarine fleet, control from the depths. published -370, avg rating 3.90 — published -360, avg rating 4.02 — Books shelved as philosophy: The Republic by Plato, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil b... Home My Books To list their different acts of critique would be to compose a long priamel: ‘Not this, not that, and definitely not that’, says the Cynic in his scorn for all things merely conventional. Because philosophy is a millennia-old discipline, it can be tough to know where to start studying—and even tougher to narrow down the discipline into a finite list of books. “no man has influenced the history of philosophy to a deeper or more disturbing degree” – Isaiah Berlin. But philosophy is more than just old guys throughout history in white togas, tweed jackets, or thick glasses. But Sun Tzu's Art of War is more than the most influential and famous book on military strategy: it's also a great everyday .. When we read philosophy books and study philosophical ideas, we learn more about logic, imagination, ethics, morality, and self-awareness. 18,485 ratings — Published: Nov 2020 Downloads: 21 Pages: 132. Well, now we have this book. Explore our huge range of the best used rare & old philosophy books at cheap prices with free shipping in the US - from Descartes to Plato. Audible Audiobook. published 1987, avg rating 4.14 — It sought to answer life’s complex questions and as a skill, is invaluable to employers, schools and governments because of the creative ability it lends to minds that inhabit it. All the more impactful for where it was written, Frankl tells the story of his time spent within Nazi extermination camps, including Auschwitz, while his parents, brother, and pregnant wife perished.
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