Upper Great Lake Observing System (UGLOS) is responsible for a number of weather buoys in Lake Michigan One can get weather status report by texting the station ID (the 5 digit number) as data to the telephone number of (734)-418-7299 to receive the latest observation on the go. Sheboygan, WI Observations. NDBC Buoy Locations Back to GLCFS See also Nowcast Waves page. Recent Lake Michigan Wind. Recent Lake Michigan Waves. More >> SPC Surface Analysis . Note: GLCFS forecasts are run 2x per day, at 0Z and 12Z. Regional Infrared Satellite. 45002: Northern Lake Michigan - 2020. Current N MICHIGAN (45002) buoy swell heights and swell period ratings. 45136, operated by Environment Canada, in northern Lake Superior recorded a significant wave height of 26.6 feet (this is average height of 1/3 of the highest waves over an hour), and buoy no. Specifically, on Wednesday, October 27, 2010, buoy no. North Michigan Buoy This buoy is owned and maintained by the NOAA National Data Buoy Center. 3-Hour Pressure Change. Click here for Lake Ontario and Lake Erie weather buoys from Beamsville Weather Station Buoy-data PHP script provided courtesy of Ken True at Saratoga-Weather.org The National Data Buoy Center provides hourly observations from a network of about 90 buoys and … Buoy 45002 (north) Observations. For each forecast run, the predicted wave heights are saved at the 24th forecast hour, at the 72nd forecast hour, and at the 120th forecast hour. The system is accessed through a toll free phone number allowing the mariner to gather up to date weather information any time and anywhere they can make a phone call. The data are transmitted through the NOAAPORT system and are received continuously at NOAA/GLERL via satellite dish. Buoy 45007 (south) Observations. Current National Wind. Regional Visible Satellite. N MICHIGAN (45002) buoy data also includes additional wave periods, temperature, wind reading and pressure data. NOAAPORT - Realtime Great Lakes Weather Data and Marine Observations This page contains realtime marine data from Great Lakes buoys, coastal met stations, airports, and ships. Current Temperaturee . More information on this station can be found on its NOAA National Data Buoy Center page. Dial-A-Buoy provides the mariner with an easy to use system to receive current weather information for the Great Lakes area.
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