Afterwards, Tego and his friend Rico were last seen in a casino in Monte Carlo and do not join Dom and his crew in their mission to capture Owen Shaw. Markham is portrayed by James Remar. A supporting character in The Fast and the Furious franchise, Deckard sought to avenge his brother Owen, following his defeat at the hands of Dominic Toretto and his crew, and thus killed Han Seoul-Oh, an action he later came to regret. The crew then gathered around the dinner table and Dom confirmed the first name of the baby, Brian. In the sixth film, O'Conner, Toretto, and Mia live peacefully in the Canary Islands in Spain, where Mia gives birth to their son. Hobbs is left injured, so Elena informs Dom to visit him as she takes care of Hobbs's daughter, Samantha. Mr. Nobody is portrayed by Kurt Russell. Deckard was injured by the collapsing level of the garage but survives the rest of the building's collapse. When Takashi's uncle Kamata comes to town he realizes that Han has been skimming money from their business. She is a data-log analyzer that helps Earl tune by checking the driving habits and various engine telemetry stored in data-logs. On his first night, he challenges Dom by buying into a race using the pink slip for his Mitsubishi Eclipse (later said to be valued at $80,000). Dèckard Shaw / Gold 1 57LP / 417W 452L Win Ratio 48% / Jhin - 65W 68L Win Ratio 49%, Malzahar - 55W 39L Win Ratio 59%, Maokai - 27W 26L Win Ratio 51%, Nautilus - 25W 26L Win Ratio 49%, Ziggs - … Shaw orders Letty to detach a cable line to Roman's car that was holding the tank from escaping. As Sefina had sold the family's firearms, the group armed themselves with traditional Samoan weapons. It is soon revealed that their business deal went sour when Johnny found his sister sleeping with Dominic. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw reveals that he grew up in Samoa and his father ran an elaborate group of thieves, consisting of Hobbs' brothers, some of whom their father unrepentantly allowed to be killed, but Hobbs left the island after he turned his father in and has not returned for years. While Dom, Brian and their crew are going after Shaw, he watches over Mia. Riley Hicks was a member of Hobbs' team, presumably helping him and Dom's team try to take down Shaw and his team of mercenaries. She warns him of potential danger that awaits him after delivering Braga's heroin across the border. After using Hattie's computer, he noticed the presence of Eteon soldiers in the room and proceeded to defeat them. Victor Locke has described Deckard as an operative at "the top of his game," and the director of Eteon referred to him as "formidable." In the seventh and final film as a main character, O'Conner is in Los Angeles, where he is getting accustomed to life as a father. Eteon sent Brixton to kill Deckard to keep him from talking which led him to kill his partner in self defense. Like Dominic Toretto, Deckard values his family above all other things. In the first race between them he easily beats Sean while Sean demolishes Han's favorite car. Following the events in London that resulted in Owen Shaw's hospitalization, Deckard caught wind of what happened to his brother. O'Conner had been in juvenile detention with Roman before he became a cop. Originating from Barstow, California, Roman grew up alongside O'Conner. When Brian crawls out of the car, Fenix kicks him a few times and is about to shoot when Dominic comes out of the tunnel and impales him with a car, killing him. Monica later warns Brian that after the mission Verone has assigned them, he intends to kill them. Vince, having sustained physical trauma from the endeavor, is bleeding out, forcing Brian to call for medevac and announce himself as an LAPD officer. Deckard froze and just when Hobbs turned the corner, Dom shot Deckard twice and he fell to the ground. He is killed along with Denlinger when Tej rams their vehicle into the cargo plane's crosswind. In the post-credits scene of Fast Five, Luke Hobbs receives a file regarding a robbery, in which Letty's photograph is attached, revealing that she is still alive; Fenix did not, in fact, kill her, and instead involved her in the robbery of a German military convoy. Find Deckard Shaw videos, photos, wallpapers, forums, polls, news and more. Throughout the film, she is constantly in the middle of Roman and Tej's respective advances towards her: after Cipher is defeated, she admits that she likes both of them, but would only choose one of them if they figured out what her last name is. Takashi is portrayed by Brian Tee. Share Tweet. As the crew cleaned up, Deckard pointed out a possible lead and they used it to track Dom's next target to New York City. As Brixton dueled with Deckard on the back of their truck, Hobbs commanded Hattie to drive the truck while he aided Deckard. At night, Dom and his team participate in illegal street racing in and around downtown LA. Twinkie is portrayed by Bow Wow. When he came to Barstow with Brian, Bilkins manages to convince Roman to help Customs catch Verone in exchange of their criminal record being cleaned. When the team realizes that Braga worked for Shaw, O'Conner decides to enter the United States to interrogate him about Shaw. He eventually met Dom at the end of the film and raced him through a parking garage. Sheppard is killed by Mose Jakande during a shootout, leaving the God's Eye to be taken by Jakande. name Deckard Shaw real name Not set location Not set Add to Friends Get Steam Profile Badge Steam Calculator Pile of Shame. Hector is portrayed by Noel Gugliemi. He is portrayed by Kristofer Hivju. Like his younger brother Owen, Deckard could be a dirty fighter, as shown in his first fight with Dominic, where he was willing to shoot him, but when he does fight straightly, he doesn't seem to employ such means, as displayed when he fought Hobbs and Dominic, where he used solely his fighting prowess to challenge them without employing any unfair methods, if not discounting the fact that he did use a knife on Hobbs and throw an explosion at Elena to end the fight. While planning the heist in Fast Five, Gisele attributes Han's constant need to occupy his hands to him being a former smoker. They then began to befriend each other. Luke Hobbs is portrayed by Dwayne Johnson. She also helps him acquire a Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 SpecV from a local impound for his mission. Ramon Campos was Braga's double and a recruiter for drivers in the shipment of drugs in and out of Los Angeles. During the event, Dom and his crew depart in the middle of the night to hijack a semi truck. He is injured by the fall and rushed to the hospital by Elena. At the crew's new apartment, Dom was waiting for his baby to arrive and Deckard himself brought the child to Dom before the two talk for a bit and became friends. He was also tasked with reassembling a Ford GT40. He and childhood friend Roman Pearce go undercover as street racers to track down the apprehend the ruthless drug lord, Carter Verone. He dies after Han throws him into one of the cargo plane's jet engines, after Giselle sacrifices herself to stop him from hurting Han. name Deckard Shaw real name Charls location Russian Federation Add to Friends Get Steam Profile Badge Steam Calculator Pile of Shame. Arturo Braga is portrayed by John Ortiz. Later, two gliders hacked open the door of Cipher's airplane and entered the cargo bay, revealing to be none other than Deckard and Owen during the battle at a Russian military base. O'Conner has also rekindled his relationship with Mia, and she becomes pregnant with his child. However, he is able to let his grudges go, such as when he begins working with Toretto's crew, and saves Toretto's son and settles his issues with Toretto afterwards, and is even present at their dinner table. When Han is killed by Deckard Shaw, she was taken by Takashi. In Fast & Furious 6, Dominic lives with Elena. Michael Stasiak is an FBI agent who is at odds with Brian. Firuz is portrayed by Thure Lindhardt. Near the end of the film, Dominic's team and Hobbs discover Riley's true allegiance to Shaw as his second-in-command and lover. Hattie survived the crash, along with Brixton and one of the soldiers. Ivory is portrayed by David Ajala. By the time Vince is loaded onto the medevac, Dom is speeding away in the last remaining Civic with the remnants of Dom's team. His real name is unknown.[19]. Garen's Captains Flex 5:5 Rank. She is portrayed by Clara Paget. Carter Verone is portrayed by Cole Hauser. When Dom saved her from a shootout in the favelas orchestrated by Reyes to prevent the theft of his drug money, she starts to believe they are innocent of killing the DEA agents. Mr. Nobody avenges his death by killing several of Jakande's men, although Hobbs would be the one who truly avenges Sheppard's death by killing Jakande himself in the film's climax. Brixton and Deckard were shocked to see each other once more, although the three of them escaped Brixton and the other soldiers pursuing them in Deckard's McLaren 720S.[4]. Vince, stuck on the truck and wounded by the armed truck driver, is rescued by Brian after Letty is incapacitated. Andreiko intended to use the virus for benevolent purposes, but it was manipulated by Eteon to become a biological weapon. After destroying Eteon's Moscow base and retrieving a device that will allow them to extract the virus, Hobbs takes them to Samoa so that his brother Jonah can repair the damaged equipment before a final confrontation with Lore. He was a member of Luke Hobbs' team, tasked with capturing Dominic Toretto and his crew.
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